Custom Infantry Platoon Compatible With Battletech



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30mm x 35mm hex shaped Infantry Platoon token suitable for use in games of Battletech and customised with your information.

There are three areas of customisation. Simply provide the details of what you’d like in the Customisation Instructions box above. If you are ordering more than one custom infantry token, set the total quantity above and use the Customisation Instructions box to describe your unit organisation and we will create the tokens for you.

Firstly there is the Regiment Name. In the example pictured, this is listed as 34th Infantry.

Secondly there is the Unit Designation. In the example pictured, this is listed as 1-A-1 (1st Platoon, A Company, 1st Battalion) but we can use any system you like. Simply let us know how you want your Platoons designated in the box above.

Thirdly there is the Infantry Type. In the example pictured, this is listed as Mechanised – Tracked (LRM). This can be any of the normal Battletech Infantry types.

We will change the NATO image in the centre of the token here for you to match the type of Infantry chosen.

Our high quality tokens are made from 3mm acrylic and come ready infilled for you with either black or white paint.

Legal Stuff:

Any miniatures, cards, backgrounds and so on not listed as part of the item are for decorative purposes only.

Token Resistance creates third-party accessories compatible with a wide range of games. Unless listed as a Token Resistance game, these accessories are neither associated with or officially endorsed by anyone at all.

Do not eat the tokens.


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