Mech Sensor Image Compatible With Battletech



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40mm tall mech shaped token used to represent unknown sensor returns in games of Battletech or Mechwarrior Destiny. These can also be used as generic mech tokens in place of miniatures in a pinch.

Comes as two separate pieces, which will need to be carefully glued together with superglue.

By default we will letter each item of each colour A-Z depending on how many you order. If you want us to use another method of identification, enter this into the Customisation Instructions box above.

Our high quality tokens are made from 3mm acrylic and come ready infilled for you with either black or white paint.

Legal Stuff:

Any miniatures, cards, backgrounds and so on not listed as part of the item are for decorative purposes only.

Token Resistance creates third-party accessories compatible with a wide range of games. Unless listed as a Token Resistance game, these accessories are neither associated with or officially endorsed by anyone at all.

Do not eat the tokens.


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