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Sunburn is our diceless, non-random 28mm scale Science Fiction skirmish wargame. Miniatures from any manufacturer can be used. Characters are defined by the actions they can perform rather than the equipment they carry, and the resulting game is a deeply tactical challenge of wits.

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Backswords & Bucklers 2nd Edition

Backswords and Bucklers is our fantasy Elizabethan role-playing game of Tavern Trawling, Courtly Intrigue and Exploration. You play criminals, clergy, nobles and explorers in an alternative 16th Century London.

This 2nd edition includes a completely new and original core system and incorporates all the planned expansions of the original that never surfaced, making this the most complete Tavern Trawling experience available.

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Sorcerous Fantasy Wargame Rules

Sorcerous is a simple, flexible set of rules for fantasy wargaming. Whilst ideal for introducing beginners and youngsters to the world of wargaming, it also provides a solid foundation for you to build any kind of fantasy gaming experience.

Besides the main game, Sorcerous includes elaborations playing for skirmish games as well as science fantasy and role-playing scenarios.

Sorcerous is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Bier Bowl

Bier Bowl is a simple, easy to learn game of five-a-side fantasy football that requires limited equipment and a small table space. Perfect for playing down the pub with a pint or three. The rules fit on two sides of A4 and even include rules for league play and a random team name generator.

Game Rules

Pitch - Print twice and tape together

Cunning Plans


Numerix is an abstract strategy game, in the same kind of vein as chess, draughts or tafl. There is, however, a certain amount of chance involved in the game. Your pieces will not always be able to move exactly as you want them to. The game requires a certain amount of strategic and tactical skill, combined with an ability to play the odds and to adjust your plans rapidly to a situation that can swiftly change if you don’t have the numbers you need. Sometimes the dice will go against you and it becomes a case of simply trying to consolidate your men into a strong enough position to survive, sometimes they will go your way and allow you to do precisely what you want. In short, in this game you must learn to make do with what you have, and work with it to succeed.

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Heroes of Heldenhofen

This document was created to be a handy resource for the Oldhammer community; a set of familiar rules stripped to it’s barest essence to fit on just a handful of pages.

Game Rules

'Get You By' Bestiary & Grimoire

Tokens, terrain and innovative game designs.