Our Friends

A selection of other companies, blogs and channels run by friends of ours that we think may be of interest to you.

The talented Geoff of Oakbound Studios sculpts a unique and fantastic range of figures inspired by British mythology, among other things. They also produce a couple of rule sets including The Woods and Factious Wastes. They’ve also produced a licensed role-playing game and range of figures based on classic TV series The Dreamstone.

Geoff also takes sculpting commissions, so if you need a unique figure make sure to check Oakbound Studios out.

Matthew is a talented artist, as well as a gamer and modeller well known in the Oldhammer community. He is working on some great looking Sunburn artwork for us. His blog, News From Hell Before Breakfast, and some of his art can be found below.

Ramshackle Games supply a wide range of resin bits for wargaming with, mostly post-apocalyptic in nature, including a particularly handy range of accessories for 1:64 scale cars which you might find useful for any games based around vehicular carnage.

If, like us, you’re into your classic fantasy role-playing games then Jame’s Holloway’s Monster Man Podcast will be right up your street.

The link will take you to his Patreon if you want to support his work, but the podcast is available for free and linked to from that page.

‘Til Dice Do Us Part is a fortnightly podcast about roleplaying and some other nerd adjacent stuff that introduces obscure games, gives GM advice, has odd quizzes and does weird fake adverts. By a friend of ours and his partner from Glasgow, Scotland and well worth a listen.

Tokens, terrain and innovative game designs.