40k Second Edition Army Challenge Month 3

40k Second Edition Army Challenge Month 3
Slice 2 Finished

February has come and nearly gone and it’s time to send off my entry for Dr. The Viking’s Second Edition Army Challenge. Although this is the third month, it is only my second slice as I had to use my mulligan in the first month.

Although work has kept me busy, there have been fewer problems this month. Other than Storm Eunice, the weather has generally been a little better and we are starting to get more light. Though my shaky hands still make colouring in the gun barrels tricky for me.

This month’s slice is the same as last month’s; four Necron Warriors and a Scarab for a total of 206 points. There will be three of these same slices in total, though next month I plan on tackling the slice containing a Necron Lord to give me enough painted stuff to start playing 500 point games.

Last month I was able to use shiny untouched figures, but from now on almost everything will need stripping. So, time to get the Isopropyl Alcohol out.

Necrons in the murky depths

I’ve used IPA in the past with excellent results. This time round the paint seemed trickier to get off, needing to get a wire brush on there. I don’t know if this is down to the new IPA I bought perhaps not having a high enough alcohol content or because of the paint that had been used, but I got the bulk of it all off in the end.

Ready for priming

My scarab last month wasn’t based. They weren’t supplied with bases originally so I just went ahead and painted it as is. But then someone on the challenge chat group showed off their based scarabs and they looked so much better. It was too late to sort bases for them last month, so this month I did bases for both scarabs.

This month of the challenge there was a bonus to achieve. We’re all trying to find ways to use the colour red in an unexpected way. I’m not sure that red shoulder pads is particularly unexpected, but it was the best I could come up with considering.

So there we got. 412 points into our 1000 point list and only 10 figures. Necrons are expensive, and for good reason. They are each quite powerful in 2nd edition. See you next time!

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